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Ware Family History

William Ware was born in Ireland about 1790. His wife Elizabeth was born in South Carolina about 1805. They married about 1820, possibly in South Carolina. Sometime before 1840 they moved to Marion County, Georgia. William was a mechanic by trade. The Wares were the parents of twelve children:

James D. Ware, the eldest, farmed, and may have been a Methodist circuit preacher. William A. Ware became a lawyer, but died in 1856.

At least 3 of the Ware boys fought in the Civil War, one of them, Archibald, fighting first for the Confederacy, and later, after being captured, enlisting in the U.S. Service. Archy was then sent out west to Ft. Rice, Dakota Territory, but died en route, of dysentery, in 1864 at the age of 22. Samuel, another brother was listed as insane on the 1870 census, possibly as a result of the war.

Martha Ware, the eldest daughter, married a Mr. Moon, but died before 1860. Their three children were:

Julia Ann Ware married James Adams (not James Madison Adams). Their children were: Thomas Jefferson Ware was a carpenter in Macon. He married Louisa Teel in 1858. Their children were: John W. Ware was also a carpenter in Macon. His wife's name was Mary E. They had one son, Thomas Jefferson Ware.

Mary Malinda Ware married Thomas D. Russ, a farmer and mechanic, about 1860. Their children were:

Wiley Ware married Sarah Smith about 1861. On May 15, 1862 Wiley left his young bride and marched off to war. After the war was over they had a son, William H., and a daughter, Mary Elizabeth. Wiley and Sarah died between 1870 and 1880, and their children were raised by James D. and Louisa Ware, Wiley's unmarried brother and sister. One of James' and Louisa's brothers also lived with them. George Washington "Wash" Ware was mentioned in the Buena Vista Argus newspaper when he suffered from a particularly severe epileptic fit.

Mary Elizabeth married Francis Marion Carroll. They lived and farmed on land owned by James D. Ware, who lived next door to them until his death in 1904. The estate settlement of J.D. Ware gives the names of all his brothers and sisters, most of their children and several of their grandchildren who received shares of his estate.

Thomas Jefferson Ware was the last surviving child of William and Elizabeth Ware.


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