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Samuel H. Johnson

Samuel H. Johnson was born in Georgia about 1835. He reported his birthday as 1829, March 1836, or February 14, 1837, depending on when he was asked.

A Father for Samuel - January 2013

Through a DNA match with a descendant of Margarett Johnson, Samuel's father is believed to be Jacob Johnson. In 1855 a Samuel L. Johnson was listed as a minor heir in guardianship documents pertaining to property he and his siblings had inherited, presumably from their deceased mother's family. These documents show that his father was Jacob Johnson, who was born about 1801 in South Carolina, and who first appears in Marion County in the 1840 census. Margarett Johnson, who also appears in the guardianship records. In the 1850 census, Margarett has a brother named Hanibal, but no Samuel is listed in the household. Because Samuel's middle initial is H. and the age is approximately correct, it seems likely that his middle name is Hanibal. Samuel is only listed in the first guardianship document, explained by his having reached adulthood and married before the next court session in October 1855.

On September 27, 1855 Samuel married Eady Newsome, the daughter of Rhoda Carroll by her first marriage. Samuel and Eady had four children: John F., Mary E., William J., and Roda A.

When the Civil War broke out, Samuel enlisted as a Private in Company H of the 46th Regiment of Georgia Volunteers. About November 22, 1863, at a place called Cherokee Station in Alabama, while loading salt onto a Confederate wagon, a rib of the wagon, frame broke and struck Samuel in the left eye, blinding him. He continued to serve until the end of the war, and spent part of the time working on an army supply train.

He returned home to Marion County after the war, and in 1889 he was granted a Confederate pension of thirty dollars a year by the State of Georgia for his disability.

Sam and Eady's son John married Georgia Ann Moon, daughter of Martha Ware in 1875. In 1880, their son William married Mary Ann Adams, daughter of Franklin Adams and Emeline Dillard. In 1893, Eady died, and Samuel was made executor of her estate. Another executor was named after Samuel's death, which occurred June 12, 1894.


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