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Sebesta Family History

Photo of Cyril and Marianna SebestaCyril Sebesta was born in August of 1869 in the village of Chlebovice, in the Mistek region of Moravia. At the time it was part of the Austrian empire, but is now part of the Czech Republic in the modern region of Frýdek-Místek, close to the border with Poland. Cyril was the son of Jan and Maria Sebesta. The family name is spelled "Szabesta" on his wife Marianna's tombstone. Cyril's name has been found on the passenger list of the ship Hermann, which arrived in New York from Bremen on 1 May 1890. On October 7, 1896 he married Marianna Kaminski, the daughter of John and Ursula (Slachetki) Kaminski in Chappell Hill, Texas. Church records give his parents' names and state that he was living in Industry, Texas at the time of his marriage. A large wedding photograph of Cyril and Marianna has survived (see photo), showing them to be a very handsome couple. In the 14 years following their marriage, they had 11 children, Prakseda, Clara, Bennie, Carolina, Rudolph, Agata, Joe, Christine, Brygida, Cyril Jr., and Charlie.

On September 7, 1911, when their youngest child was iust 11 months old, Marianna died suddenly, leaving Cyril to care for his children alone. Tragically, Cyril died just one year later, and his children were parcelled out to Marianna's relatives, the Kaminskis. Marianna's brother Wallace Kaminski was named their official guardian at first, but after three years the older children asked the court to appoint their uncle John Kaminski as their guardian. Clara Sebesta died in 1916, and is buried in an unmarked grave in Chappell Hill cemetery near her parents.

The 1920 Census shows Rudolph, Charlie, and Joe living.with their uncle John Kaminski. Brygida was living with her cousin John Kaminski Jr.'s family. Prakseda was married, and had Bennie and Cyril Jr. living with her, while Christine was living with Ignac and Agnes Gutowski. Agata was living with Mike and Peggy Jozwiak. This accounts for nine of the ten living children. (Carolina, who was 20 by this time, may have been living with another family nearby.)


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