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Kaminski Family History

John Kaminski was born in May 1833, in Poland. He married Ursula Slachetka on January 31, 1858 in the church at Srebrna Gora, in the county of Wagrowiec, Poznan Province, Poland. Ursula was the daughter of Jan and Marianna (Dziarnosezunka) Slachetka and was born November 11, 1838 in the village of Wapno. She was baptised at Srebrna Gora.

John and Ursula lived in the village of Mokronosy, where they had ten children: John, Agnes, Pete, Marianna I, Marianna II, Wallace, Stanislaus, Marianna III, Anna, and Josef. The first two Mariannas died as infants. It was common practice to give the same name to successive children if the previous child did not survive. All of the children were baptised in the church at Srebrna Gora.

About 1883, John left Poland for America to seek a better life for his family. Soon after, accompanied by her daughter Agnes and son-in-law Frank Bronikowski, Ursula and the children came to America on the ship Hermann, landing at Baltimore on June 20, 1883. They probably took a coastal steamer to Galveston, and finished their journey inland by train. They settled at Chappell Hill where the children grew up and got married. John married Mary Wysocki about 1887. Marianna III married Cyril Sebesta on October 7, 1896 in Chappell Hill. Stanislaus married Mary Krolczyk, the daughter of John Krolczyk, in 1897.

John and Ursula were listed in the 1900 Census living near their children. John probably died in the early 1900's, but his exact death date is unknown, and no tombstone has been found. Ursula died April 4, 1911, at the age of 72, and is buried at Chappell Hill.


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