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Joseph Dodd was born September 9, 1785 in Dobbs County, North Carolina. He was the son of Aaron Dodd and Rebecca Arnold, who were Quakers. The Quakers were opposed to slavery, and many of them chose to move to Ohio, which was a free state. The Dodd family moved to Belmont County, Ohio in 1804, where Joseph met Anna Hall, another Quaker who had also recently moved to Ohio from North Carolina. She was the daughter of Isaac Hall and Ann White. Joseph and Anna were married September 14, 1808. He was 23, she was 31. It was one of the first marriages solemnized in the Stillwater Meeting House in Warren Township, Belmont County.

Their first child, Aaron was born August 13, 1809. Orpha was born two years later, on October 18, 1811. Then followed Celia, born on August 14, 1813. Their last child, Rachel, was born September 25, 1815.

Although Joseph and Anna remained members of the Society of Friends, when the children grew up they chose to join other churches and marry outside the Quaker religion. Orpha joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, and married Henry Mead in 1833. Celia married Thomas Stolter in 1835. Rachel married a Mr. Snyder. Joseph, Anna and their son Aaron moved to Highland County, Ohio in 1845. There Aaron married a lady named Susannah, and began a family. Joseph died sometime between 1860 and 1870.

Anna lived out her last days in Independence Township, Washington County, Ohio where her daughter Orpha's family lived, and died April 17, 1877, one month and 27 days after her 100th birthday.


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